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Errorhead - Organic Pill - CD
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"Organic Pill" is a monster of an album boasting a massive sound. The powerful opener, "Let Me Get Down", is pure funk rock of the finest pedigree, writhing and straining at the leash somewhere between Mother's Finest and Lenny Kravitz. "I'm Just Existing" is a smouldering storm of blues rock that just explodes into life, raining down wondrous guitar riffs. In contrast, "One Of These Days" rushes along like a high-speed train: Driven by Zacky's staccato drums, this textbook rock song sees Deml demonstrating a perfect balance between efficiency and effects.

Whatever the tempo, Errorhead are equally at home – from soulful blues rock à la "Big Heart" through the flying sparks of "Fool In Love" to the breathless "Be Yourself". The classic rock songs are complemented by fanciful, elegiac instrumentals such as "Organic Pill" "Irish Kids" and "Mr. Gonzales" – all sublime studies in the art of well-tempered electric guitar playing. These intricate pieces clearly reveal Deml as a master of his craft who is able to coax truly magical vibes out of the Fender Stratocaster – his declared guitar of choice.

Label: Rock the Earth
Distributor: Rough Trade


  • Let me get down (4'39")
  • I“m just existing (5'50")
  • One of these days (5'29")
  • Irish Kids (6'15")
  • Fool in Love (4'57")
  • Mr. Gonzales (4'27")
  • Star (4'04")
  • Be yourself (4'10")
  • Organic Pill (4'14")
  • Big Heart (5'30")
  • Rainy Day (4'58")
  • Alice has left the building (5'17")

Released 2012
All songs written by Marcus Deml
Produced by Marcus Deml
Recorded at the Toolhouse/Rothenburg
Mixed by Kai Fricke