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Errorhead - Modern Hippie CD
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The “Modern Hippie” is for everybody who is craving for the musical spirit of the late 60”s and early 70”s taken to the year 2008. A modern sound that combines diverse influences such as Rock, Ambient, World music with strong hooks and grooves. Think Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Jeff Beck teaming up for a creative spin. Mastermind Marcus Nepomus Deml has been a guitarist for the stars in the last 10 years and done over 300 sessions. For “Modern Hippie” he has teamed up with bass legend Frank Itt (Terence Trent D”Arby, Jule Neigel, Jasper Van”t Hof) and drummer extraordinaire Zacky Tsoukas (John Hayes, Billy Sheehan, Helmut Zerlett) and singer Robbie Smith.

The album was mixed analogue by Star engineer Kai Fricke of Mike Landau and Vinnie Colajuta fame at the famous Toolhouse Studios in Rotenburg/Germany and will satisfy even the most discriminating pair of ears. “Modern Hippie” is not just another album, it is a statement!


  • That's good (0:23)
  • Connected (3:23)
  • For my Brothers (3:18)
  • Dave (1:30)
  • Temporary Impression (3:44)
  • Yeah Man ... (0:28)
  • Watch my Cloud (3:31)
  • Northern Lights (4:27)
  • Heaven (4:04)
  • Bhangra Baby (4:11)
  • We came in Peace (5:22)
  • Follow your Dreams (3:22)
  • Tata (3:35)

Release Date 2008